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Safety and accident management is of the utmost concern to A Plus Staffing Solutions Inc. We assure our clients that we send out workers to the workplace trained in the Health and Safety requirements for any job. It is of the utmost importance that workers understand and adhere to the practices of Health and Safety. Our duty is to ensure the safety awareness of our workers and to work together with the employer and the worker in the prevention of occupational accidents and ailments. The following are our policies regarding workplace safety and Accident/Injuries::

  • Always be alert to potential hazards to yourself or your fellow workers.
  • Locate all fire extinguishers and first aid kits and obey all safety signs and tags.
  • Do not smoke in workplace.
  • Do not get involved in pranks during work.
  • Wear all required personal and protective safety equipment. General safety gear like gloves, masks, hard hats and protective glasses must be worn as directed and at places where danger is perceived.
  • Appropriate clothing and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Hair must be tied back if it is long and proper hair net must be worn.
  • Never perform a task unless you are trained to do so and are aware of potential hazards.
  • Locate and make yourself aware of any and all hazardous chemicals or materials you work around. You have a right to know this.
  • Never wear loose jewelry that hangs out and can get caught on something. Chains, earrings and jewelry and items that hang below the elbow are not permitted.
  • Never remove cautionary tags or signs from tools, material, the workplace, machines or other equipment (“do not run” signs, “danger due to high voltage” etc.)
  • Never attempt to adjust, clean or oil a machine when it is in operation. Always turn off any machine before performing inspection or maintenance.
  • Never tamper with electrical equipment, always call the person in charge.
  • When working on machines with dangerous parts, always use guards and safety measures.
  • Use the correct equipment designed for cleaning each machine.
  • Do not use compressed air flow to clean dust from floor or clothing. Do not direct air towards any person or yourself.
  • Do not overload trucks and trays or any equipment. The load should be under given limits.
  • Only specific and trained drivers should operate lift trucks and forklifts.
  • Do not ride on moving forklifts and lift trucks.
  • Always use the pedestrian walkway.
  • All hazardous materials should be labeled and all workers should be educated as to their use, care and disposal.
  • Always place equipment and tools in their proper storage place.
  • Report unsafe conditions and accidents to area leader or supervisor.
  • When operating with ladders:
    • a) use only safe ladders.
    • b) never leave tools on the top of a ladder because they may fall and injure someone.
    • c) a harness must be worn when working at heights.
    • d) do not use two or more ladders at a time.
  • All workers must have completed the WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training.
  • The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be kept handy and everyone should know how to use them.

A Plus Staffing Solutions Inc. also adheres to the legislative requirements pertaining to occupational health and safety.