Why A Plus


Let Team A Plus Meet Your Staffing Needs

A Plus Staffing Solutions Inc. provides:

  • Forklift Operators
  • Welders
  • Order Pickers
  • Machine Operators
  • Administration
  • General Labor
  • Shippers/ Receivers
  • Construction Workers

Recruitment & Orientation Process

A Plus Staffing Solutions Inc. begins the recruitment and screening process with safety training, counselling, and other applicable requirements.

Our acclaimed courses and programs equip staff with the best knowledge for their work-terms at our clients’ organizations. We welcome the challenge of finding the right person for the right job that you can trust with full confidence.

Hiring and Screening Process

  • Candidate fills a formal application in person or online (with resume).
  • Candidate goes through initial screening and interview. Candidate must be available to do shift work (morning, afternoon, evening, midnight, and weekends)
  • Upon successfully completing the interview, candidate completes preliminary forms in person and submits references
  • Upon successful completion of reference check, candidate submits personal identification, SIN card, and any other relevant documentation, such as criminal record when requested.

Employee Orientation
It is mandatory for every employee to complete the orientation process.
A Plus Staffing Solutions Inc. provides every employee with a technical job description that includes necessary certification and/or skills.

We outline for the employee his/her entire career in terms of required safety procedures, safety courses (WHMIS) and/or any other training.
Employees must adhere to the specific rules and procedures for their respective work terms.

Why A Plus